Meet Our Clients

Our borrowers represent a broad and diverse group of individuals and businesses. They include people just starting out as well as those expanding their existing business. Over half are women, of which, many are single mothers. Our borrowers are home based as well as located in commercial locations. Some are in the downtown city area while others are in rural communities. Over a quarter of our borrowers are members of minority communities, including African American, Tongan, Hispanic and others.

The types of businesses our borrowers own arm e both traditional and unique. Traditional businesses have included hair salons, coffee shops and auto repair shops. Some of the more unique businesses have included acupuncturists, soap manufacturers and creators of novelty ties.

Client Stories

Read more to find out how the UMLF has helped these small business owners achieve their dreams.

 Balance House

Robbie Bills was sick of going to funerals and knew he could help.  Read more…


Robbie cropped

 Bento Truck

Katsu and Tokiko Yamazaki have created their own jobs by bringing gourmet Japanese food to the streets.  Read more…

bento owners cropped

Black Dirt Organics

Cal Vandyke discovered that his “Fulvic Bloom” product had an incredible impact on the growing process.  Read more…

Cal cropped


York Martinez found a way to transfer his military experience into the creation of his own job and business.  Read more…


 Discrete Headwear

Julian Carr created an exciting new brand to carry him beyond the ski season. Read more…

 Hair Love

Cindy Johnson sells confidence, changes lives and creates “good hair days” every day. Read more…


Cindy headshot

 Olive and Tweed

Somer Gardner is a perpetual entrepreneur. Having owned several businesses, she now provides unique items at Olive and Tweed. Read more…


Michaella Lawson could never find cute, stylish and modest clothing and she decided to do something about it.  Read more…

Michaela cropped

 Rico Brand

Jorge Fierro wanted to introduce REAL gourmet Mexican food to Utah. Read more…



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