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Bhakti Yoga Lounge

Bhakti Yoga Lounge
Bhakti Yoga Lounge
2030 So. 900 East
Salt Lake City, Utah

Yoga Studio

Kirtan Yoga or Mantra Meditation workshops: Unwind and set yourself free with melodious mantra meditation, transported by a dream world of exquisite Indian and world instruments. Kirtan is a meditation in call and response style – the leader sings the mantra and the crowd responds, creating a dynamic, uplifting experience for all.

Just like there are yoga postures for the body to relax and strengthen and tone, there are mantras (special sound vibrations found in the ancient yoga texts) that act as a revitalizing tonic for the mind. Using these mantras for meditation brings the mind to rest in a space free from stress and anxiety. The word “mantra” literally means to “free the mind.”

If you’re curious to explore more, then the extraordinary practice of mantra meditation can take you deeper still; come explore and taste the realm of consciousness beyond body and mind – mantra meditation is a natural passage to the spiritual dimension where there is a joyful relationship between individual spiritual consciousness and Ultimate Consciousness.

Food for the soul: The consciousness of the cook affects the eater. Nothing beats the taste of food prepared and served in a loving mood. That is why we spiritualize all food cooked at UrbanEdgeYoga. Prasadam, or spiritual food, is food that has been cooked with love and devotion and offered to the supreme origin of all consciousness. The high consciousness imbibed into that food can be directly tasted by the eater. That is the secret ingredient that makes the food here taste uniquely unlike any other.

Ask for: Nicole Mickelson or Erik Krause

  • Bhakti Yoga Lounge

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