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Child Care

AristoCats Children’s Academy
55 North Main Street
Kamas, Utah

Childcare and pre-school

AristoCat Children’s Academy provides superior child-care services to the Kamas Valley of Utah. This child-care facility services children from birth to thirteen years of age. Our services are safe and secure, providing the parents with an excellent place where their children can not only be properly taken care of, but learn and build a bright future.

Ask for: JaCie Butters

Brighter Steps
5220 W. Silvertip Dr.
Kearns, Utah

Brighter Steps operates in Kearns, Utah. The facility consist of a 1,026 sq. ft. house in a quiet, residential neighborhood. The yard is 4,700 sq. ft. The back yard is fully fenced in, to ensure no one can either come in or wander away. The yard is furnished with safe, entertaining and educational toys, as well as play yard equipment.

There is a play / toy room as well as a classroom located inside the house. The house contains educational toys, games, child-size furniture, books, and educational materials for exploration, entertainment and learning opportunities of the children.

Ask for: Christina Robles

Child Time
410 Third Ave.
Salt Lake City, Utah
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Child Time Inc. is committed to providing families with the highest standard of child-inspired, professionally-nurtured care and opportunities for learning. Our goal is to offer a Reggio Emilia Learning Environment that will provide an exceptional early childhood experience for community children. The program atmosphere supports children as strong, confident students, capable of constructing their own learning. We encourage independent thought, hands-on exploration and social and emotional development through emergent curriculum and developmentally appropriate practice.

The Eastside Preschool
1650 East 3300 South
South Salt Lake City, Utah

The Avenues Preschool410 Third Ave.Salt Lake City, Utah801-328-0328
The Second Avenues Preschool91 R. StreetSalt Lake City, Utah801-328-4660

Ask for: Chris or Veronica Nelson

The Monster Mural

Huge murals for kids to color at special events.

Ask for: Collin Surles

Salt Lake City, UtahWebsite

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