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Gardening & Landscaping

Black Dirt Organics
883 south 400 west, Orem, UT 84058


Liquid Compost

Fulvic Bloom is a Bio-Organic Liquid Compost that contains over 70 essential trace minerals that are required for healthy organic plant growth. Fulvic Bloom liquid compost enhances the growth of beneficial soil microbiology, stimulating the natural decomposition of thatch in lawns, stubble, and humus in gardens. This microbial activity helps aerate the soil naturally which aids in moisture retention.

Ask for: Calvin VanDyke

Discovery Creek Gardens
Salt Lake City, Utah

We can improve upon nature by creating well-designed and maintained landscapes using good or improved plant varieties and sound cultivation techniques. At Discovery Creek Gardens, we are committed to provide a comforting, uplifting and inspiring experience where our clients can learn to create the environment they wish to live in.

Ask for: Brent Braithwaite

Marblecast Productions
947 West Folsom Avenue
Salt Lake City, Utah

Creation of marble and bronze artwork, custom sculpting service, mold building and casting services.
Ask for: Vicky Carpos

  Marblecast Productions products can also be found on our website

Old Guys Mowing

Lawn care
Lawn and yard care,commercial and residential.
Ask for: Marc Stevenson

West Jordan, Utah

Plant Jungle
2194 East Fort Union
Salt Lake City, Utah

Plant Jungle is for people who love indoor plants!

We are committed to providing you the best indoor plants, information, supplies, and unique containers to help you be more successful with your indoor foliage.

Tools/Supplies:  Our tools and supplies are specifically designed and made for indoor plant care.

Live Tropical Foliage:   We stock plants from the highest quality growers in the U.S.   They are properly cultivated, with appropriate use of insecticide control, to provide you the best plant for  long-term success indoors.

Plant Containers:   Our plant containers are designed and made for indoor use.   Most of our containers are watertight for proper use indoors (indoor plants should NOT be directly  potted into decorative containers but placed into the decorative container with the existing growing container).

Silk Plants/Trees:   We are ‘live plant lovers’, but when it’s appropriate silk plants make sense too.  Therefore, we provide the highest quality in silk plant foliage.   Mix the two together and your eyes won’t know the difference.
Ask for: Bonnie Dallimore

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Plant-Jungle/189853641044871

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