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Step 2: Applications & Forms

Application and Forms

These resources, forms, and checklists are free to download. These free downloadable materials can act as a funnel to organize your thoughts and plans, to help you create a road map to follow to execute and deploy your successful business.


Application Checklist

Download Checklist


Other required documentation: 

  • Business Tax returns -past 3 years (if that many returns have been filed)
  • Copies of 3 months of business checking statements
  • Historical financial statements for existing businesses (income statement and balance sheet)
  • Organizing Documents for the business (Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Organization)
  • Personal Tax returns – Form 1040 and Schedules C and E if filed for the past 3 years (for each owner of 20% or more)
  • Copies of last 3 months personal checking statements (for each owner of 20% or more)
  • Proof of business liability insurance (if in business at time of approval)
  • Bids, brochures or internet print out for any use of our funds over $5,000
  • Other relevant documentation (lease agreements, purchase agreement, franshise or licensee agreement)Proof of US citizenship or copy of Permanent Resident Card (green card) or VISA if not a US citizen)
  • $50 Application Fee
Cash Flow Projection

The Cash Flow Projection sheet is already formatted so you can easily add your numbers, projections, and month to month expenditures and income. If you are uncertain how to complete this, please sign up for a Cash Flow Projection class easily found on the Calendar.

The spreadsheet is in Microsoft Excel format. Please click the following link to download:

A Cash Flow Projection

Business Plan Outline

This portion of your application is essential. The business plan must correspond with your Cash Flow projections. This Business plan will help you hit the ground running in launching your business. If your business is already up and running, this process will help you fine tune your objectives, marketing plans and campaigns and identify your target audience.

Business Plan Outline


Besides the stellar support and resources provided by UMLF, this following downloadable package can further assist you in completing the loan application process. Additionally, these resources provide invaluable support in launching and growing your business.

Resources To Assist With Your Application Package

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