Complete the Application Process

Our application package includes forms we will provide to you, your tax statements and the business plan that you create (complete with 12-month cash flow projections).  Together, these will communicate the full vision for your small business.

Checklist of needed documents:

  • Loan Application form
  • Business Plan
  • Cash Flow Model with Formulas (done monthly for 1 year)
  • Business Tax returns -past 3 years (if that many returns have been filed)
  • Copies of 3 months of business checking statements
  • Historical financial statements for existing businesses (income statement and balance sheet)
  • Organizing Documents for the business (Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Organization)
  • Other relevant documentation (lease agreements, purchase agreement, franshise or licensee agreement)
  • Personal Tax returns – Form 1040 and Schedules C and E if filed for the past 3 years (for each owner of 20% or more)
  • Copies of last 3 months personal checking statements (for each owner of 20% or more)
  • Proof of US citizenship or copy of Permanent Resident Card (green card) or VISA if not a US citizen)
  • $50 Application Fee




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